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With over 25 year’s industry experience, we pride ourselves on our quality and reliability.

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PRO 3 Caravan Tracking System

Phantom has been providing tracking solutions for nearly 15 years. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our Tracking Systems provide you with the best quality service and the most value for your money.

View your caravans location
Anywhere you go (with an internet connection).The Pro 3 device will pinpoint the caravan or motorhomes location to within an 8-foot range of accuracy allowing you to check and ensure your caravan is safe where ever you are.

Motion detection
The Pro3 senses movement and instantly reports to us as soon as there is any interference with your vehicle so that we can ensure your acutely aware about any damage or potential theft.

Helpful Alerts
Always be aware of whats happening to your vehicle with the Phantom Pro 3 System, from alerts in regards to your caravan battery being weak or a possible attempted theft of your vehicle, helping you stay completely aware of your vehicle and granting you added peace of mind.

Protect your Caravan
Caravans are a large investment and can hold a lot of sentimental value to you and your family. With the Phantom Pro 3, you can keep an eye on your caravan and ensure that if the worst happens that the vehicle is retrievable as fast as possible, with our quickest retrieval time is 40 minutes!

Specially Designed App and Portal
You will have access to the MyPhantom portal and App, letting you see where your caravan is while on the go, they are also both regularly updated with new features giving you increased benefits including your current batteries status, mileage charts, and battery history.

Subscription options (Payable to Phantom after install):

  • £10.99 Per Month 
  • £125 Per Year
  • £399 5 Year

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